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  1. Do you have a contract?
    Any professional service has an official contract. If the contract is hand-written, or the DJ doesn’t have a contract, then most likely your dealing with an amateur that could ruin your event. Make sure also, that the contract guarantees that the DJ will do their part. many contracts only protect the company and not the consumer. Our contracts hold our obligation to be there and do a great job at your event.

  2. Will I meet my DJ face to face before the event?
    Many DJ companies, especially big franchise, or nation-wide DJ companies do not have a “meet your DJ” policy. They will simply “assign a DJ based on your music taste”. What about personality? What about professionalism? Our policy is that when you finalize your event, you finalize your event with YOUR DJ. So you have the peace of mind that you know exactly who will be showing up to your event. Also, that DJ has had a chance to sit down with you personally, and gather all your thoughts, wants, and expectations. This makes for a perfect combination so you can have a great time!

  3. Are you a franchise?
    If a DJ company is a franchised company, generally, they do not care as much as a local business owner. Many times you see “Most Requested DJ service in America!” , or “In business for 30 years”. The fact is, the franchise could have been around for 30 years, but the DJs that work for the local chapter of the franchise, may only have 2-3 months of experience. A local business has more at stake than a BOX company giant franchise. Also, local companies tend to give better service. While there are a few nation wide companies offering quality, many will just leave you disappointed. Plus it’s always good to support your local economy, and a local business!

  4. Do you have back-up equipment?
    Many DJs make the blanket statement saying they have back up. Also, many brides are disappointed to find out the DJ was just telling them that when something happens on their wedding day. Every Anything Music DJ always comes with 2 computers, 2 hard drives, and a back up hard drive with all of our music, and all of your special requests. We also have back up mixers, speakers, and cables on site. Some computer based DJs use their CD library as a back up. We do not use CDs for a reason. CDs skip, get scratched, and are hard to sort through, so why would we use that as a back up? Having each DJ have 2 computers insures we never have equipment failure. Our contracts guarantees that for your protection too!

  5. Are you Insured...can you prove it?
    Any company can say that they have insurance. unfortunately, it is not illegal to lie. We are members of the ADJA, BBB, and other organizations that require our insurance. In fact, we even have our proof on out website. It is not rude to ask someone to see their proof of insurance. Any professional should have it on hand in their office, or be able to email you a copy. Click here to see our Proof of Insurance!

  6. What type of music do you play, can I choose songs?
    Different DJs specialize in different types of music. Ask the DJ their personal style to see if if matches what you are looking for. The great thing about our company, is that we have several DJs specializing in several many different styles, so we can cater to you no matter what your needs are. Also, we allow you to completely customize your playlist for your event. Even if there are songs we don’t have in our 80,000 song library, we’ll get them for you. That is also guaranteed in our contract.

  7. What other services does your company offer?
    Companies always have a specialty. At Anything Music, we specialize in DJs, coordinating, and lighting. We also specialize in weddings almost exclusively. Many DJ companies also offer video, photography, and sometimes many other services. While it is nice to be able to have the “1 stop shop” and get everything from 1 vendor, this is your wedding, so you might consider making sure your DJ specializes in weddings. This is a once in a lifetime event.

  8. Is your company a preferred vendor or member of any organizations?
    This is extremely important. If your DJ has been in business for any length of time, they should have built a reputation with local vendors and venues. If that DJ has built a bad reputation, you as a bride might not know that because you are not a wedding vendor! Knowing that other organizations, venue, and vendors refer and put their stamp of approval on your DJ can help you get the inside scoop on whether or not your DJ is legit. If your DJ isn’t on more than 1 or 2 preferred business lists, the next questions is where have you worked?...why don’t they put you on a vendors list? Click to see who recommends Anything Music

  9. Can you offer at least 3 RECENT references?
    Any reputable company should be able to give you contact for some recent references. However, a DJ could do 97 bad jobs, then 3 good jobs, and use those 3 that went well as the same 3 references forever. Make sure the DJ can send recent references. We always send references from weddings/parties we have done within that month, so you know the references are real and current.

  10. Why should we hire you?
    This is probably the most important. Some people are afraid to ask the direct questions. You won’t offend a DJ by asking them to tell you what makes them better. This is your wedding day...ask the tough ones. A DJ company should present themselves in a professional manner at all times, and any good DJ should have a good sales presentation, and a way of showing you what they can offer. We suggest that you interview at least 3 DJs before making a final decision. A DJ can make or break the wedding reception!
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